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Ref: LoveBirdsSM

True love is showcased in an adorable scene of two kissing birds. This is the ultimate Valentine's Day, engagement or anniversary gift. Our stunning piece comes from the exclusive collection by world famous artist Rebeka Kahn. The fun comic-style birds are made of layered orbs of ceramic and glass, coloured with glazes in tones of blue. Three bold red hearts make the perfect Love statement! Size 26cm x 26cm framed and signed by the artist Rebeka Kahn.
Rebeka uses a combination of raku ceramic, glazes and recycled glass from wine, sherry or beer bottles. The work is twice-fired in an indoor kiln or fired outdoors in dramatic, live flames. Every aspect of the design is hand formed using the perfect choice of glass and glazes.
During the firing process the glass and ceramics take on a life of their own, changing and becoming unique in colour and texture, creating effects that even the artist herself had not dreamed of! This is an image of the actual item you will be purchasing.

Price: 99.00